Valentine's day at the Sea Boutique

As we have seen so much disruption during the pandemic and haven't been able to host many events, we thought it would be good to reflect on events before the virus descended upon us. In this particular entry, we're looking back at Valentines Day 2020. Before the lockdown kicked in and, while we were all very much feeling the love, blissfully unaware of what was on the horizon - it was a night to remember!

We'll set the scene. The wine was flowing. The oysters were plentiful and, we even had a couple of proposals that night (who all said yes)! 

Our extra special valentines menu consisted of Oysters, Hazelnut Butter Grilled Scallops, Salmon linguine in prosecco sauce, Fillet steak, Dauphinoise potatoes, Stemmed Broccoli, Red velvet cheesecake. Does anybody have serious food envy yet?

Once the food was out of the way, our guests took to the dancefloor and danced the night away. Our lovebirds hit the Valentine-themed dancefloor under the twinkle of the glitterball. We enjoyed a live band who belted out everything from ballads, soft rock, slowed down dance classics and some party favourites.

As mentioned already, we saw two of our couples get engaged at The Sea Boutique - awwww! We're in regular contact with them and, both couples are still going strong, with marriage plans on the horizon for 2023/2024. As they both made their loving declaration at The Sea Boutique - we treated both couples to a bottle of champagne.

Anyway, we've enjoyed the nostalgia of reliving this event. We hope it's possible to resume Valentines Day celebrations this coming February - fingers & toes crossed! Please keep an eye on our website for regular posts about upcoming events for Valentine's day and all other special dates for your diary.

Big Love!
The Sea Boutique team.