Wine tasting at The Sea Boutique.

Calling all wine lovers! The Sea Boutique is proud to re-launch our ever-popular wine tasting evenings. Whether yours is a red, white or rosé, perhaps you're about to have your mind changed? If not, certainly your palate turned on its axis. We've sourced grapes from all corners of the globe and brought you a plethora of wines to get your tastebuds tingling. Rioja, Sauvinaugh Blanc, Pino, Merlot, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir - we really have got the lot! We've also sourced the perfect accompaniments to complement each wine that you'll be tasting (and loving). Whether you like a New Zealand Sauviongh or a Rosé Pino Noir, you'll have a great time on a journey of exquisite food and drink. So! How can you expect the night to pan out? Firstly, you'll be seated in our welcome lounge, where you can enjoy an apéritif ready to stimulate your appetite for both food and drink. Thereafter, you'll move into our restaurant ready for an evening of fine wine and tasty food.

During your evening of sampling some of the finest wines around, followed by an informal light dinner, you'll be well on your way to becoming a wine tasting connoisseur.

Of course, you’ll be in expert hands as you’re guided through six wines from around the world. Each wine is followed by cheese, chutney, charcuterie, olives, bread and dipping oils that compliment the grape! Our expert speaker will explain each wines region, age, style and perfect food accompaniment should you wish to purchase a bottle after the session has finished.

Join us! We hold these special events each Friday throughout January and February. Book via our enquiry form, today.

What's included?

Sample Six Wines. 

Indulge in six wines from all over the world. Whatever your tipple, you won't be disappointed.

Guest Expert Speaker

Here to explain the in's and out's of the wines you'll be trying during the duration of the evening. Super interesting!

Enjoy A Course Per Wine

With each wine, we'll provide a course that perfectly accompanies the wine in question.

Generous Tasting Measures.

No messing about! We want to give you enough to not just sample, but, fall in love with.

10% Restaurant Discount.

Once the session has ended, we'll porvide you with a 10% discount promo to redeem against you next visit.

10% Discount If You Buy A Bottle.

If you discover a new favourite we'll give you a 10% discount so that you can enjoy a bottle at home.